ConneXt Pack Kit - QRAE 3 Diffusion Model

Honeywell - RAE Systems QRAE 3 Diffusion (no pump) ConneXt Pack Kit - Wireless Gas Detection System.
The QRAE 3 ConneXT Pack is a combination of the QRAE 3 (wireless enabled), pumped or diffusion models and an EchoView Host portable controller. The QRAE 3 ConneXt pack can provide real-time, man down alarms and alert safety managers, site operators or attendants to atmospheric contaminants.
Standard Sensor Configuration:
CO, H2S, LEL and O2. (other configurations available)
More Information:
QRAE 3 ConneXt Pack Includes:
Pelican Case with Precut foam insert
(can contain up to 4 monitors, 1 EchoView Host and accessories listed below...
- Up to 4 QRAE 3 units with sensors, sampling probe, battery and wireless option as specified, alligator clip and filter installed
- Built in case charging. Battery charger system for QRAE 3 units
- 1 EchoView Host Unit (Antenna and battery included
- 1 Extra spare battery for EchoView Host
- QRAE 3 units with continuous datalogging capability
- QRAE 3 units AC adapter / Charger / PC communcations solutions
- 1 Laminated card with Quick Start Guide instructions
- QRAE 3 and EchoView Host Quick Start Guide Instruction
- Product CDs with documentation
- ProRAE Studio II configuration and Data Management Software
- Calibration and test certificate
- For QRAE 3 Pumped models includes a 10 pack of 25mm filters

ConneXT QRAE 3 Wireless Diffusion Kit Configuration  Part Number
1 QRAE 3 Diffusion 4 Gas Unit (CO, H2S, LEL,O2)
1 EchoView Host w/ Accessories
2 QRAE 3 Diffusion 4 Gas Units (CO, H2S, LEL,O2)
1 EchoView Host w/ Accessories
3 QRAE 3 Diffusion 4 Gas Units(CO, H2S, LEL,O2)
1 EchoView Host w/ Accessories
4 QRAE 3 Diffusion 4 Gas Units (CO, H2S, LEL,O2)
1 EchoView Host w/ Accessories
- Confined space entry
- Emergency Response
- Ultility / Telecommunications tunnels
- Leak detection
- Easy to use, rapidly deployable, turn-key pack
- Real-time alerts for faster response time automatic datalogging for compliance
- Ideal as an entry-level solution for routine maintenance or compliance monitoring
- Up to 8 real-time wireless monitors connected to an EchoView Host