RDK Host Controller Kit

RDK Host Controller Kit

RAELink 2

RAE Systems- RAELink 2.

The RAELink2 Wireless Modem is a key building block of the AreaRAE Wireless Platform. It is built into the AreaRAE monitor and is used in a stand-alone configuration with the ProRAE Remote Base Station, RAE Systems portable monitors and a wide variety of third-party products.

RAELink2 allows real-time data transmission between the monitors and the base station, which can be located up to two miles away. Each ProRAE Remote Base Station can communicate with and display data from up to 32 remote monitors.

AreaRAE is the industry’s leading platform for rapidly deployable wireless networks used for detecting and monitoring hazardous substances. Already deployed and operated by hundreds of leading public safety agencies and corporations, AreaRAE represents the industry’s standard of choice.

The AreaRAE Wireless Platform integrates information from a wide variety of sensors and monitors, including the following:

  • RAE Systems AreaRAE and AreaRAE Gamma Monitors
  • RAE Systems wireless portable monitors: MiniRAE 2000, ppbRAE Plus, and MultiRAE Plus
  • Coastal Environmental Systems WEATHERPAK® portable weather station
  • A wide variety of third-party products for chemical weapons detection and other applications


  • Industrial safety
  • Fire Department and HazMat
  • Indoor air quality monitoring
  • Confined space entry
  • Fenceline monitoring
  • Venue protection
  • Law enforcement

 RAELink 2 - Datasheet

Key Features:

  • Real-time communication and display of information about hazardous materials and radiation
  • Remote alarm functionality
  • Gateway for other vendors’ detectors and detection technologies to the AreaRAE Wireless Platform