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RAE Piston Hand Pump


* Only use RAE Piston Hand Pump with RAE Systems
Colorimetric Tubes. *

RAE Systems- Piston Hand Pump
for RAE Systems Colorimetric Gas Detection Tubes

RAE Systems' Hand Pump is for use with our line of Gas Detection Tubes. The Hand Pump, along with the Tubes, offers quick, on-the-spot measurements of many gases and vapors at low cost without the need for calibration.

-Hand Pump Only #010-0901-000

-Hand Pump Kit includes: Pump, Spare inlet filters (2), Spare rubber inlet, Spare plunger gasket and Carrying case. #010-0001-000

Key Features:

  Solid metal construction with RAE Systems' exclusive lifetime warranty
  Springless piston design for accurate 50 and 100 cc volumes
  Tube tip breaker and glass tip holder
  Clear end-of-flow indicator
  Tapered inlet design avoids leaks with different diameter tubes
  Simple stroke counter
  Additional accessories include remote sampling hoses with 15' (5 m) or 35' (11 m) lengths